Keper & Twill


Welcome to Keper & Twill! 

I’m Monique and the founder of Keper & Twill. A place to not only find great design, but also get inspired and learn new techniques. I love to guide you through your creative journey because I believe that a good product is more than just a design.

My exciting adventure started 15 years ago when I bought my first sewing machine. I grew up in a creative family and it was normal to me to have a creative hobby as an outlet. During daytime I was a teacher and in the weekends an enthusiastic seamstress. Because I wanted to make my own sewing patterns I decided to get my degree as a tailor.

In 2016 I signed up for a big sewing contest in the Netherland called “Knipster” held by Knipmode, a leading Dutch sewing magazine. From thousands of applications I was one of the lucky 8 to join the contest! What then followed was an intense ride where I had to made several stunning outfits, just like project Runway and the Great British sewing Bee. After a thrilling final I won the contest! What a great feeling!

But winning the contest was just the start of a new adventure! I got my own column in Knipmode and I started working for a big sewing company where i discovered an amazing new world: Machine Embroidery!

I was amazed by all the possibilities you had with an embroidery machine! I was sewing for several years, yet how could I have missed this great technique?

I was very lucky to get a thorough training for working with the embroidery machine and using the software to create embroidery designs. The more I learned about embroidery the more passionate I became, I wanted to go and spread the word! And let other people know the great things you can do with an embroidery machine.

And that is when the idea for Keper & Twill was born. A platform for great embroidery designs and to get inspired and learn new techniques. Because as a designer and teacher I believe that the experience of making a project is equally important as the finished product.

As a creative person you are working on creating a project which you have been dreaming about, and you don’t want to get frustrated during the making process because you don’t know what to do and the dream starts to feel like a nightmare! So that’s why all my designs come with clear instructions. And if you have any questions feel free to ask me, I’m happy to help!

Keper & Twill is here to help you to make your creative dreams come true.

Want to see for yourself? Have a look at the store or visit my Youtube channel!

– Monique